Triple Eagle Golf


Every single one of our bays is designed to provide a comfortable and premium golfing experience. We don’t differentiate one bay from another… ALL OUR BAYS ARE PREMIUM BAYS! Just Book and Play!

  • golf-club-solid Over 250 courses
  • golf-club-solid Single Player Mode
  • golf-club-solid Group Play (up to 4 players per bay)
  • golf-club-solid Flexible Booking
  • golf-club-solid 50" 4K TV for Live Streaming/Ext. Screen
  • golf-club-solid High-End 4K Projector
  • golf-club-solid Spacious 18’ X 15’ Bay
  • golf-club-solid Touchscreen monitor
  • golf-club-solid Top of the line Alienware Gaming PC
  • golf-club-solid Privacy Curtains
  • golf-club-solid Tees and Premium Titleist RCT Balls

A bit about Trackman 4…

TrackMan 4 is the launch monitor of choice for the top players. It’s highly advanced, incredibly accurate and remarkably easy to use. It’s the go-to for the best. TrackMan 4 is unlike any other golf launch monitor. It uniquely combines incredible radar capability with high-end optics for data you can trust. It’s patented. It’s the complete solution.

The TrackMan 4 launch monitor tracks and displays the full trajectory of any shot, from short putts to 400-yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with superior accuracy. It also maps the shot’s 3D trajectory in real-time, together with all impact and launch information.

TrackMan 4’s dual radar technology enables the capture of even more data. There are no assumptions. No guesses. The unit’s focused, high-resolution radar beam provides the greatest detail and accuracy on the club and ball at the point of impact and through its flight. The monitor will normalize too. That’s pinpoint. That’s detail.

Trackman’s Virtual Golf 2

Virtual Golf 2 by TrackMan is packed with great new features and courses that have been specially designed by TrackMan’s in-house teams to make your game more real, fun, and rewarding. Everything you experience is presented with graphics like you’ve never seen before. It’s revolutionary.

We have some of the most beautiful and iconic courses in our amazing library including more than 30 Tour venues like Pebble Beach, Valderrama and Royal Birkdale. There is even the home of golf, St Andrews. And they are all rendered by the TrackMan team to extraordinary definition. Play them. It’s unreal.

TrackMan uses a drone flyover of golf courses to create a 3D lidar map with bunkers, fairways and greens that are as life-like as is possible in our relentless drive for perfection. It’s mapping, design and quality control harmonized to deliver carbon-copy experiences.

We’ve got some brilliant games including Bullseye, Closest to the Pin, Hit it! and Capture the Flag that are fun, interactive and a great way of improving your game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner. This is golf for everyone.